Here at Nature Threads we are fully focused on sustainable clothing for the future, connecting with nature, going on adventures and helping to do our bit with reducing the damage we are doing to our planet through fast fashion and unresponsible purchasing. Looking to the future our nature-inspired organic clothing is aiming to promote sustainable fashion and supply high-quality garments that inspire our customers to connect with nature, to go on adventures and to fully appreciate this beautiful planet we live on. All with minimal cost to the planet. We believe that this is the way forward and as we grow we will keep these beliefs at the heart of our direction as a sustainable clothing brand and store.

Sustainable Clothing For The Future - Nature Threads
Sustainable Threads – Nature Threads

The Future Is Sustainable Threads

More and more companies are becoming more ethical, reducing their carbon footprints, becoming more transparent where their goods and material are sourced from and how their clothes and garments are made. Our clothing at Nature Threads is GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton and all sourced from the north of India on an organic cotton farm.

Our products are shipped with plastic-free packaging and are all designed to be sent back to make more clothes out of and reduce waste. That means they can be enjoyed again and again!

‘Sustainability’ – noun – Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

The full story of how all of our products are sourced, made and put together by our suppliers Teemill who fulfill our orders for Nature Threads can be watched below.

As part of our vision we also believe in giving back, so for every garment sold we donate $1 to One Tree Planted which equals a tree planted. Each year we will be choosing a different non-profit organisation to donate to and plant trees around the world.

We certainly believe that sustainable threads and ethical clothing are the way forward for all clothing companies and brands around the world. Making a minimal impact on the planet and working as harmoniously as possible with the ecosystems to produce high-quality sustainable clothing for the future!

Check out both our Women’s Threads, Men’s Threads and Kid’s Threads by following the text links.

The journey of all our products from seed to shop can be found here.

Sustainable Threads For The Future

Nature, Adventure & Yugen Inspired

All our organic clothing is inspired by a mix of nature, sparked by adventure and also the Japanese concept ‘Yugen’. For us, this describes Nature Threads’ feel, objective and vision for the future perfectly. Here as Nature Threads we truly believe that connecting with nature is important for all of us. Whether it be surfing, hiking, biking, paddling or whatever connects you with nature and the outdoors. For us getting out there and making that connection is what matters to us most.

This comes through in our clothes designs and we hope to inspire others as part of our vision to do the same and get out there to connect, to reduce their impact on the planet through responsible consuming as well as giving back!

You can check out our full story here.

We hope Nature Threads values and vision for the future resonates with you. We are looking forward to spreading our vision with our sustainable threads and helping people connect with nature all with a splash of adventure added in.

Nature Threads team x

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