Nature Threads - Sustainable Clothing Brand

Nature Threads – A Sustainable Clothing Brand

Nature Threads sustainable clothing was born from our deep connection with nature and a love of adventure and our planet. We believe that in order to tackle the countless environmental issues that we face and preserve this beautiful place we all call home, it can only start with what each of us does as individuals. Whether it means using solely natural and sustainable products, replanting trees or reducing our single-use plastic. In turn, we can all make a difference and heal the changes that have damaged our ecosystems and life as we know it. Clothing is a pretty good place to start, given the throw-away culture that so many of us seem to have adopted. By creating classic and timeless designs, using materials that won’t cost us our earth and giving you the opportunity via our suppliers Teemill to fully recycle each product once it has worn out – our sustainable clothing will not only make you look good but ensures that you are doing good too.


Inspired Organic Clothing

‘Yugen’ inspired and run alongside our van life, adventure and nature blog The Wilder Routewe hope to use Nature Threads as a way to raise awareness about sustainability and to encourage others to connect with nature as much as they possibly can do. We pledge to give back by donating to organisations on the front line of reforestation and environmental change and, we will continue to encourage and promote what we believe helps our souls to truly connect – a lifestyle of adventure, getting outdoors and exploring our planet in a responsible way.

Check out our organic clothing photo journal for a visual walkthrough of the inspiration behind Nature Threads.


Yugen (幽玄) – (Japanese) (n.)

an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words.


Sustainability – Our Aim

As a sustainable clothing brand, we deliver organic and ethical clothing using natural fibres, whilst minimalising our impact on the environment. Our suppliers Teemill use organic farming, alongside renewable energy to supply and deliver our clothing. The whole production from ‘Seed to Shop’ can be followed here.

Each of our garments has been created from our love of nature, we promise to continue to tell the story and bring you the magic of our adventures with each new design that we create. Our aim is beautiful sustainable fashion, as we know that looking good does not have to compromise our planet.

We also proudly support One Tree Planted – A non-profit organisation based in Vermont, New England, USA, who work alongside reforestation partners, planting trees all around the world! For every garment purchased with Nature Threads we donate $1, which equals One Tree Planted. Visit their website for more info.


An Owner-run Small Business

Organic Nature Clothing Brand - Nature Threads

Our love of nature is intertwined with everything we do, running Nature Threads from our tiny home on wheels means we are working from a place that keeps us inspired and hugely motivated. We put our heart and soul into what we do, fostering a sense of community and connection with those who share the same values and love for our planet as we do – we believe that together, positive and constructive change is possible.


The Future Of Nature Threads – A Sustainable Clothing Brand

Our dream for Nature Threads is to help and encourage as many people as possible to form a deeper connection with nature. We believe that to make a difference to our planet, this is where it begins. A few years ago we were nowhere near as aware as we are now of the damaging effects that the clothing industry has – we would love to see the industry transform in a way that is not only sustainable and has minimal impact to our planet BUT can still be enjoyed and make people feel good too. With new innovative ideas and natural products constantly popping up, we will always be on the search for ways to expand and grow sustainably.

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Adam and Kelly

The Nature Threads Team.