Before starting Nature Threads we had the vision to create a store with only natural fibre clothing and plastic-free apparel. These days with clothing being so accessible, easier to purchase and less expensive it is often easy to overlook how the choices you make are directly affecting the environment. Most clothing uses synthetic man-made microfibers such as Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, and Polyurethan. These not only use insecticides, pesticides, chemicals, and petroleum to create them but also wash an estimated 1.4 trillion plastic microfibres into the oceans harming life and ecosystems. We know this is having a detrimental effect on marine life but we are still unaware of the full extent of this passing back into the food chain and into humans and mammals.

Natural Clothing Fibres – What Are They?

Natural fibres are substances produced by plants animals or even geological processes that can be used to create felt, spun into yarns or woven into cloth. Natural threads have been used since history began all the way back to prehistoric times, all over the world, from mountainous areas all the way to lowland areas near the coast. Not just used in clothing or garments but these fibres from nature are also used from everything from car seats to household furnishings.

Natural Fibre Clothing - Organic Cotton Growing
Natural Fibre Clothing – Organic Cotton Growing

Natural fibres in clothing have some great advantages including a lower density, better thermal insulation, and reduced skin irritation to man-made fibres. Other natural garment strand types that you may have come across are Organic Cotton, Jute, Hemp, Alpaca, Cashmere, Bamboo, Flax, Silk and Wool. These are all used to create different types of attire and clothing each having its own slightly different properties but all aligning with nature. People are increasingly heading back to organic clothing fibres as they are a more sustainable and ethical choice.

Advantages Of Natural Fibre And Plastic-Free Clothing

Natural threads used in clothing means that they are environmentally sustainable and renewable as well as being easily reused and recycled without causing damage to the planet and only have minimal impact on ecosystems.

Cool in summer and warm in winter – natural fibers are good sweat absorbers and are generally the choice of clothing for people living in hotter and humid climates. It’s not just breathability that natural fibre clothing boasts, they are soft on the skin, quick-drying as well as being lightweight which makes them perfect for active people, the outdoors and travelling.

Organic Cotton – Our Clothes

Our shop stocks both men’s and women’s organic cotton hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, t-shirts, beanies and tote bags. Nature Threads clothing is GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton and all sourced from an organic cotton farm in the north of India.

Natural Fibre Clothing - The organic cotton being picked in India
Natural Fibre Clothing – The organic cotton being picked in India

Our clothes are fully sustainable which means avoiding the depletion of natural resources to keep an ecological balance as well as not using insecticides and pesticides which are harmful to the environment.

Man-made fibres in clothes are attractive to the fashion industry as they are low cost and have lead to fast fashion, unresponsible consumption and a lasting negative effect on the environment. Choosing a responsible and sustainable choice in natural strands when purchasing your clothing is a good step towards making a difference which in turn will contribute to a more sustainable way of consuming clothes without having damaging effects. With the planet in the state that it is in the moment, there has never been a better time to choose clothing that is made from natural fibres, a sustainable choice for the future.

Our intended plans for Nature Threads in the future is to include a lot more organic cotton and natural fibre clothing including joggers, shirts, jumpers and outerwear such as jackets.

Plastic-Free Packaging

It’s not only plastic washing into our oceans from clothing fibres that’s a problem there also a huge issue around the world with single-use plastics. We ship all our clothing products worldwide in plastic-free rip-proof packaging so minimising waste and single-use plastics that take a thousand years to decompose.

Nature Threads Clothing - Plastic Free Packaging
Nature Threads Clothing – Plastic Free Packaging

Circular Economy

Live in the Nature Threads store is our circular economy men’s t-shirt and women’s t-shirt, both are made from 50% post-consumer remanufactured cotton and 50% organic cotton. Each garment from Nature Threads is made to be sent back to us and used again via our suppliers Teemill, who take any recovered material and remanufacture it to produce our circular tee. This is possible because when you are using pure material such as organic cotton it makes remanufacturing possible to make these garments used over and over again dramatically reducing waste – a circular economy.

As billions of clothing items end up on landfills every year also being either being burnt or buried there has never been a better time to make use and reuse for what is already out there and to recirculate it. Making the loop natural, renewable and sustainable.

Plastic-free clothing – our Men’s and Women’s Circular tees

**Photos courtesy our suppliers Teemill**

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