Here at Nature Threads we love adventure and believe that getting outside to connect with nature is important for us all. Just taking something as small as a walk outside and being surrounded by nature has been proven to reduce stress, improve our moods and boost our mental health. As well as being unbelievably fun and great for our well-being, adventure is a great key to spending more time outside and connecting with nature whether it be on your own, with a partner or with friends! There is a limitless amount of activities that you can undertake outside and we have put together our favourite and most accessible ways to get outside, have a great adventure and immerse yourself in Nature!

Adventure In Nature – Our Favs

1) Hiking

Up a mountain, around a lake, through the woods or up the coast we have to say that hiking is most definitely one of our favourite outdoor activities. Alongside our travel blog Destination Addict we have undertaken some spectacular hikes through the Colombian countryside, to glacial lakes in Canada, hiking up beautiful mountains in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales as well as many other trails in Europe and the UK.

From seeing that view from the top of a mountain after a steep climb to witnessing the waves crash in from the sea on a coastal trail to enjoying the nature big and small that surrounds a lake or pond. There nothing quite like going for a hike!

With walking and hiking trails in nearly every town, village and even in some cities around the world, a trail through nature is never far away!

5 Ways To Connect With Nature Through Adventure - Hiking
5 Ways To Connect With Nature Through Adventure – Hiking

2) Surfing

Diving into the cold ocean no matter where you are in the world is always a special moment and a great connection to nature and the earth. Being submerged in the salty water that covers 70% of the planet and enjoying the natural playground that is the ocean creates in the form of waves, is certainly something special. In a world that is saturated in mechanical machines for fun like fairgrounds or theme parks, there’s nothing quite like grabbing a board strapping up your leash (whether it be surf or body-board) and diving in, to ride the natural surf and adrenaline rush that comes with it. Plus the added bonus of having the beach right there to chill after in the sunshine or with a warming fire after your session, is there anything better than a day surfing on the beach?

Here is a great source of information if you are looking to start surfing.

3) Biking

With biking and trail biking becoming more and more popular trails are popping up everywhere. Picking up a bike trail through the woods, up hills and mountains is a great way to connect with nature zooming through the beautiful landscapes that surround us all. Biking is also such a great way to keep fit and being able to cover such a great distance in such a short time the possibilities are endless!

In Europe there is the huge Euro Velo cycle network spanning from the bottom of Portugal all the way up to Lapland at the top of Norway. The route also span all the way through to the east of Europe across to Turkey. If your looking for a big cycling adventure this is a great place to start!

If that doesn’t excite you here are the top 10 mountain bike trails around the world that will surely inspire you to out there into nature!

Connecting With Nature Through Biking
Connecting With Nature Through Biking In Spain

4) Paddling

Via kayak, canoe, blow up boat or rubber ring there is always a great adventure to be had on the water. Getting into the sea, a lake or river is always so refreshing the tranquil energy of the water always seems to bring peace and tranquility on a calm day on the water. Whether its paddling out to a small island on a lake to camp the night or exploring down a river taking in all the riverbank life and enjoying the sounds of nature, or canoeing up the coast to find some secret caves or beaches!

Being on or in a body of water is healing for the mind and body, check out this post on our van life, adventure and nature blog to learn more.

Taking A Rest Whilst Paddling Out On Lost Lake in Whistler
Taking A Rest Whilst Paddling Out On Lost Lake in Whistler

5) Running

Getting outside and running is probably one of the easiest ways to connect with nature! Planning a route, getting your favorite tunes on, tying your laces and setting out on a running adventure is a great way to start the day or even just to get out for a few hours to reflect and immerse yourself with nature. Even without planning a route the adventure is yours running by streams, heading into a nearby forest, around a lake, through fields or if your feeling full of energy running up a mountain!

If you are new to running and looking to get started here is some great tips to get started!

The Perfect Woodland Running Trail  - Connecting With Nature
The Perfect Woodland Running Trail – Connecting With Nature

Ways To Connect With Nature – To Sum It Up

We hope we have inspired you to get out there and connect with mother nature and enjoy everything this beautiful planet has to offer! We believe there is no better way to feel alive than be at one with with the earth. As a great way to boost your mood, relax your body and mind, reduce stress and certainly bring a smile to your face there is no better place to be. We try to reflect this in all our Women’s and Men’s clothing to remind us that its often the most simplest of things that make us happiest on a basic level.

The trees, animals, insects, flowers, birds, water and sky all have the only answer you will ever need at your core so go get out there and adventure with nature!

If you have any comments or anything to add we would love to hear below!

Nature Threads Team x

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