Organic Crew Neck Sweatshirts – Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s Threads

Organic Crew Neck Sweatshirts - Women's, Men's and Kid's Threads

Looking for some new organic crew neck sweatshirts for your wardrobe or something to keep you warm and cosy after your adventures? We have you covered! Our certified organic cotton sweatshirts are available in women’s, men’s and kid’s sizes. All of our sweats are made from natural fibres with designs that are inspired by nature […]

7 Sustainable Outdoor Clothing Brands That You’ll Love

7 Sustainable Outdoor Clothing Brands That You'll Love Organic Outdoor Clothing

With such a throwaway culture these days and fast fashion having such a detrimental effect on our planet, harming vegetation, animals, sea life and ourselves, it’s time to start looking at clothing for the future and what we are purchasing as individuals. Also becoming more mindful about what we are all contributing too on a […]

Natural Fibre Clothing – Why We’ve Chosen To Be A Plastic Free Store

Natural Fibre Clothing - Why We've Chosen To Be A Plastic Free Store

Before starting Nature Threads we had the vision to create a store with only natural fibre clothing and plastic-free apparel. These days with clothing being so accessible, easier to purchase and less expensive it is often easy to overlook how the choices you make are directly affecting the environment. Most clothing uses synthetic man-made microfibers […]

Sustainable Threads For The Future – Nature Threads

Sustainable Clothing For The Future - Nature Threads

Here at Nature Threads we are fully focused on sustainable clothing for the future, connecting with nature, going on adventures and helping to do our bit with reducing the damage we are doing to our planet through fast fashion and unresponsible purchasing. Looking to the future our nature-inspired organic clothing is aiming to promote sustainable […]