Welcome to our 10 best nature websites list, compiled by our own love for nature and a lot of the inspiration behind Nature Threads too. Sometimes finding great and inspiring websites isn’t as easy as just using a search engine, but after spending a little time exploring the web and listening to other recommendations we have put together this great list of nature-filled web surfing just for you. Time to escape into nature, digital style!

10 Best Nature Websites

Explore.org – Wildlife Web Cams

Watch live streams straight from Africa and all around the world. From Project Puffin to the Orca Lab to Gorillas to Pandas! Choose your preferred live animal stream and watch your favourite animals doing their thing right out in the wild. This cool nature website speaks for itself and we would recommend it to go and check it out.


Natural History Museum – Nature Photography

Within the Natural History Museum website is the Wildlife Photographer of the Year section. This gallery contains some of the most dazzling shots of animals, insects, landscapes and a whole host of photographic content of the natural world that is just too good to miss! This is certainly a favourite in our best nature websites list.


Outdoors – Nature and the Outdoors

With stories about nature and the outdoors, this website has a whole host of interesting articles that are great for scrolling through until you find something that you would like to go more in depth into. From encounters with Grizzly bears and Mooses to the best hiking gear for kids. Visit this website for a diverse mix of articles all about interesting nature and outdoor stories.


National Geographic – Nature

With endless stunning photography and 5 pinpoint topics on the site to explore including Animals, Environment, History and Culture, Science and Travel. The National Geographic offers many in-depth informative articles relating to nature, wildlife, conservation, and exploration. There is even a great kid’s section on there with some short informative videos about animals from all around the world.


Photoscoper – Nature Photography

A fantastic photographic interactive website from nature photographer David Roberts. Make your way through the many galleries of animals, natural wildlife, ariel panoramas, land and seascapes. With nature sounds also playing whilst you are browsing through – this website is certainly a treat for the eyes and ears. Especially if you love your photography and animals.


Best Nature Websites – Our Favourites

New Scientist

An all-around super interesting website that touches on a lot of science behind nature as well as great in-depth articles about our planet and the world around us. You can delve deeper into some great subjects on there including the earth, the environment, life, humans and space. We love this site and always find so many interesting pieces on there across the great subject categories.


BBC Earth – Our World

Provides some captivating content including articles, videos, and documentaries about the natural world, wildlife, and environmental issues. With links to all of the latest and back catalogue of shows including Earth, Frozen Planet, Mammals and many more on iPlayer. Even touching on space, science and the dinosaurs there is definitely a lot of content on there to keep you engaged and inspired.


Audubon Society – Bird Conservation

The Audubon Society website is a haven for bird enthusiasts and conservationists. It features extensive resources on bird species, habitats, and migration patterns. The site includes interactive tools, such as bird guides and migration maps, along with articles on bird conservation. Audubon’s commitment to protecting avian species is reflected in its comprehensive and educational online presence, making it a go-to resource for bird lovers.


iNaturalist – Biodiversity

This interesting nature website is a citizen science platform where users can document and share observations of plants, animals, and other organisms, contributing to biodiversity research. Navigate to their ‘observations’ tab to explore a whole world of different species of animals, birds, insects and plants complete with photos and information about each individual one. If you are really into your nature and the different types of species that can be found this is the website for you!


The Wilder Route – Nature and Adventure

Finally our partner website at The Wilder Route! This website is all about connecting with nature through adventure (and vanlife) with first-person accounts and hiking guides on some great hikes including the UK, Colombia and Guatemala to mention a few. Written and put together by us (Kelly and Adam). There is also inspirational articles on how to deepen your nature connection accompanied by some beautiful photography. If you love nature, adventure, hiking, and vanlife – we would certainly recommend checking this website out!

Nature Threads Team x

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